2018 Kickstart Transformation Challenge!

Are you ready to crush your health and fitness goals like never before?  Now is the time to kick it into a higher gear!  We're here for YOU!  JOIN US!


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6 weeks of easy to follow meal plans, grocery lists, and recipes that taste amazing!


In studio members will receive fat burning HIIT workouts that can be tailored to your personal needs to meet you where you're at!

Toughness and Challenge

Trainers that guide, believe, and encourage with a slight push to go beyond what you believe is possible!


Other like-minded, goal oriented people working alongside you in and out of the studio to encourage and inspire you and others to be their best!

Motivation, Goals, & Progess

YOU determine your goal with any needed guidance.  WE provide daily emails with motivation and strategies to meet your goal! Keep track of your progress through our fit clients software where measurements and before/after photos are kept for your reflection!


Access to our private Facebook group where you can share successes, challenges, and fun tips with the other members!

Now is the Time!

It's time to kick your old habits to the curb and start out 2018 with some serious goals and lasting change!  Are you ready to be Hell Bent?

Yes! Sign me up!

YES! I'm ready to Kick-start my health and fitness goals!

Let Hell Bent Fitness guide you on your journey for lasting change and a kick-ass 2018!


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