Is it time to transform your body and mind?


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HB Clients Benefit From:

Personalized Coaching with fun, achievable workouts

You will have UNLIMITED access to all classes during the 4 week challenge.  Our sessions are designed with modifications in mind.  That means we'll meet you where you're at.  

Supportive Community

Many clients in the HB community have participated in our challenges. This means they know exactly what you're going through and are ready and willing to support you!  Our clients are real, fun, and like to challenge themselves to be their best!  They've made HB part of their healthy lifestyle.

Customized Meal Plan

You will recieve 4 weeks of what to eat, what to buy, and the recipes to make the food on the plan. The meal plan was written by a dietian to ensure a balanced, healthy way of losing weight without sacrificing proper nutrition.

HB Clients Know It's about a Healthy Lifestyle!

HB Clients are Looking to Create Life Changes

Master Your Mindset

We know and understand the importance that mindset plays in the short term and sustainable success our clients are seeking. You will be coached in building a strong, positive mindset using key strategies for lasting change.

Clean Eating Strategies

Along with your meal plan, we'll incorporate strategies for being prepared, grocery lists, label reading, and yummy recipes that are simple and fall into a clean eating plan.

HB Clients are Inspired and Ready

What people are saying...


"Do I need to be in shape to join?"

No. You don't have to be great to start...you just need to start to be great!

I've never done a HIIT class. Can I still join?

Absolutely! Don't let our name scare you from joining! Hell Bent is an attitude. All of our trainers are experienced at customizing exercises within ALL of our class formats to meet you where you're at and move you in the direction you want to go!

Now is the time!

If you're ready to be part of a strong community of people with a common goal of living a healthier lifestyle, the time is now. Being fit and healthy should be fun, supportive, and personalized for your needs. It's time to take the step and see what being Hell Bent is all about!